Online Leave Management Software in Kenya

The Need For an Online Leave Management Software in Kenya

Leave management can be a complex and time-consuming exercise especially when done manually. Managing multiple leave applications manually may lead to possible errors for example during payroll processing and when reconciling the employee leave balances. An online Leave Management  Software in Kenya can help in simplifying and streamlining the process of Leave Management.

Below are top 5 features to look out for in any Leave Management Software in Kenya

  • Customization of Leave Policies

Every business has its own leave policies. An ideal Leave Management Software in Kenya enables the employer to create and manage leave policies easily. It enables the customization of policy rules regarding public holidays, half-days calculations and other types of leaves, for example, sick, maternity, paternity and compassionate leave. The software should be customized in that it allows one to design a department-wise hierarchy to streamline the approval process.

  • Leave Balancing

It is time-consuming and complicated to manually keep track of an employee’s leaves and the balance of leaves the employee has. A good Leave Management software automatically tracks the leave history of the employee and both the employee and their line managers can see. Previous leave applications and the conversations involved can also be seen. Not only does this ease the process of leave management, but it also improves the transparency in the organization.

  • Cloud-Based Software

A Cloud-based Leave Management Software in Kenya will offer multiple channels to access it. Employers and employees can use mobile devices, laptops, and tablets to apply for leaves and also approve them from anywhere anytime as long as they have an internet connection. Also, it removes the inconvenience of software installations and updates. 

  • Integration Capabilities

A fully functional Leave Management Software in Kenya allows smooth integration with other existing applications for smooth information transfer. A leave management software that can be integrated with an attendance management software to track employee’s attendance effortlessly. The attendance data helps an employer when approving the leaves. It is also useful during payroll processing. Integrated leave management software with your payroll helps in calculating the employee’s payouts and avoid unnecessary payroll errors.

  • Dashboard and Reports

A complete Leave Management Software in Kenya should be able to generate accurate analytical real-time reports either in the form of tables or graphs based on the collected data eliminating the manual efforts. The reports help an employer in analyzing and knowing an employee’s time-off patterns.

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