HR compliance in Kenya

Why HR Compliance is a MUST for Your Business

As businesses strive to become more efficient and productive, the importance of having skilled HR has become clearer. Every firm needs to make sure they are compliant with laws and standards set by the government. Human resource compliance is one of the critical components every business should have today. It helps organizations stay compliant with […]

Employer-Employee Relationship

6 Tips to Effectively Manage Overtime in Your Business

Both small and large companies have to deal with the issue of overtime as it is part of their ongoing expenses. Overtimes are common in workplaces and includes shifts at work and extended operations hours. Overtime often leads to increased costs for the company, fatigue, and reduced productivity for the employee. Understanding overtime means that […]

Employee Performance management

Employee Performance Management; 7 Key Reasons why

Employee performance management is a process that ensures that a certain set of activities and outputs align with the organizational goals in an effective manner. It combines information gathering through monitoring factors such as goal achievement, feedback, and discussions. Employee performance management goes beyond evaluation, appraisals, and promotions. It involves a continuous process where employers […]

Working Remotely

7 Successful Tips for Working Remotely

Working from home has become the new norm for most organizations today especially after the global pandemic that caught everyone by surprise. Working remotely offers several benefits such as increased productivity, reduced business costs, and fewer workplace interruptions. In this setting, employees don’t have to report to the office every day and many kinds of […]

Benefits of Electronic payslips

7 Key Benefits of Electronic Payslips for Businesses and Employees

The concept of electronic pay-slips has become widely adopted by most businesses. The benefits are evident in saving time, cost and labour for the employers. An electronic payslip is a digital version of a payslip which is accessible through an online portal or sent via email. Switching to electronic payslips offers numerous benefits for employees […]

WorkPay Employee Self Service Portal

HR and Payroll Employee Self Service Portal in Kenya

Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal in Kenya is a principal feature found in most modern HRM systems. With HR departments adopting the use of cloud-based technologies, ESS offers employees a more reliable, effective, and self-empowering experience. It also acts as a medium of communication for both employees and the HR department without having physical interaction. […]

expense management automation

6 Reasons for Expense Management Automation in Your Business

Today, many businesses are still using excel spreadsheets, paper receipts, and printed reports for managing business expenses. This results in a lot of inconsistency. Since businesses have to manage expenses, they require a reliable system in place to collect, store, process and report these expenses automatically. Expense management automation means eliminating all paperwork or spreadsheets […]