HR compliance in Kenya

Why HR Compliance is a MUST for Your Business

As businesses strive to become more efficient and productive, the importance of having skilled HR has become clearer. Every firm needs to make sure they are compliant with laws and standards set by the government. Human resource compliance is one of the critical components every business should have today. It helps organizations stay compliant with […]

How to Relate Well with Your Co-workers

Tips on How to Relate Well with Your Co-workers

Co-workers are typically people in a similar role or at an equal level in an organization. Currently, most organizations are looking to employ people who can embrace teamwork and relate well with their colleagues. Learning how to work well with co-workers is the key to success. Since employees are the best people to help achieve […]

Employee On-boarding In Kenya

Hack Employee On-boarding Process? 7 ways how

The employee onboarding process is a vital exercise regardless of the size of your company. Every new employee should undergo an initial training and learning process. The experience you give new employees on their first day at work determines how productive they will become in your company. The employee onboarding process is one of the […]

Employer-Employee Relationship

6 Tips to Effectively Manage Overtime in Your Business

Both small and large companies have to deal with the issue of overtime as it is part of their ongoing expenses. Overtimes are common in workplaces and includes shifts at work and extended operations hours. Overtime often leads to increased costs for the company, fatigue, and reduced productivity for the employee. Understanding overtime means that […]

Employee Management Software

6 Key Benefits of Investing in an Employee Management Software

Human resource professionals are responsible for recruiting, on-boarding, compliance, ensuring every employee gets paid, developing strategies for improving employee engagement, and ensuring employee retention. These administrative tasks can take away valuable time and concentration for HR staff such that they forget to manage and connect with the employees. For businesses to optimize their workforce and […]

Employer-Employee Relationship

4 Tips for Improving Employer-Employee Relationship

In an organization, the employer-employee relationship is a key indicator of business success and certainly a healthier work environment. Maintaining positive relations helps in boosting staff morale, reduce conflicts, less absenteeism, even more, increase productivity in the organization. What are some of the ways to improve this employer-employee relationship?

Remote Employees in Kenya

5 Tips on Managing Remote Employees in Kenya

Remote employees in Kenya are becoming the most productive members of the workforce especially with the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world. Businesses have been forced to close down, even more, come up with new ways of running operations in this crisis. As a result, the Kenyan government has advised companies to allow their employees […]

Employee’s Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

How To Reduce Your Employee’s Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19

Reducing your employee’s stress and anxiety during COVID-19 should be the ultimate goal of businesses. Working from home has been the new normal in Kenya. Although businesses have started opening up,  many organizations are still working from home. There is a lot of uncertainty and questions among employees. Is my job safe? Will productivity be […]

Employee Performance management

Employee Performance Management; 7 Key Reasons why

Employee performance management is a process that ensures that a certain set of activities and outputs align with the organizational goals in an effective manner. It combines information gathering through monitoring factors such as goal achievement, feedback, and discussions. Employee performance management goes beyond evaluation, appraisals, and promotions. It involves a continuous process where employers […]