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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Company Culture in Kenya


Company culture in Kenya connects each other and the company. It involves a wide variety of elements, for instance, employee shared beliefs, goals, values, attitudes, and expectations.

It is the written and the unwritten rules that people in your organization follow. However, even the biggest companies with the best company cultures still have room for improvement. And, below are some actionable ways you can use to improve your company culture.

Ways of Improving Your Company Culture in Kenya

  • Embrace Transparency

Transparency is the foundation of a great company culture. Firstly, ensure your team has modern and collaboration tools to make communication easier.

Outdated communication tools are a barrier to effective transparency especially with employees working remotely. Secondly, always share and recognize the successes of the team, organization, or even individual success.

It motivates your employees to hear the positive results of their hard work.

  • Build strong coworker relationships

Strong relationships at work boost the rate of your employee engagement. Encourage your employees to work as a team. Good teamwork comes from a strong team relationship. Introduce team building activities that provide an opportunity for your employees to interact and get to know each other. Also, introduce simple office activities for example eating lunch together, having coffee breaks, even more having bonding sessions. Creating these simple interpersonal interactions will greatly improve your company culture. 

  • Give and receive feedback

As an employer, you should be giving feedback on a regular basis and allowing your employees to give feedback, as well.  Send out regular employee engagement surveys. The surveys help you understand your team’s concerns, and challenges. Also, you get brilliant ideas on ways of improving the workplace from the feedback.

  • Find people who fit

Hiring new employees takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, hire the right people who not only have the needed job skills but also share your organization’s vision and values.  Help your candidates understand your company culture during the application process so both you and your applicants will have a better idea if they are a good fit or not. 

  • Stick to your core values 

Core values are important in a company.  When in the process of improving your company culture, you need to stick to your core values.  The core values are the ones that separate you from everyone else and are your competitive advantages.


What’s more!

To sum up, great company culture has greatly improved companies. Similarly, it has helped with an effective company and employee management. As a result, your company’s morale, productivity, and performance are boosted.

Still interested in learning more? Read NOW, on Untold reasons for having a strong organizational culture or 5 hidden ways of making your employees feel valued at work.

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